MEDICAL CENTRE Seventeen Mile Rocks

DOCTOR Seventeen Mile Rocks

Our Location:
85 Joseph Banks Ave, Forest Lake
(Between the Cheesecake shop and the Espresso Lab coffee shop)

Opening Hours:
Mon:  7am to 5pm
Tue:  7am to 6pm
Wed:  7am to 5pm
Thu:  7am to 5pm
7am to 5pm
Sat:  8am to 2pm
Sun:  Closed

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– Free, easy car parking

– Convenient location

Only a few mins drive from Seventeen Mile Rocks (our location is 85 Joseph Banks Ave, Forest Lake)


We’re old-school.  ** All patients are like our family. ** 

You won’t have the feeling like just another number when you visit medical centres.

We provide ongoing care for all members of your family.